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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in AIRobics Charlotte NC, fun workouts charlotte nc | 0 comments

Best Exercise in Charlotte NC | Charlotte Workouts

Any mention of exercise paints a picture of strenuous workout sessions in our mind that cannot be considered as fun by many. However, there is one type of exercise that can actually be fun to do while keeping you extremely fit and healthy, trampoline jumping. For all the people looking to lose some weight and enhancing their fitness levels, trampolines can be a perfect tool to get all this and much more. There are several advantages of using a trampoline regularly bring to people.

If you spend time jumping on trampoline regularly, steady weight loss is something you can look forward to. However, an even bigger advantage of spending regular time doing trampoline jumps is the improvement it brings in the cardiovascular conditions of individuals. According to researches, 8 to 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is equivalent to a mile-long walk in terms of cardiovascular health. These jumps can result in strengthening your heart and its surrounding muscles while also improving lung capacity.

Trampoline workouts are also used in some cases to treat people who are in rehabilitation after suffering a knee injury. Rebounding exercises are used to help these people strengthen their injured knee without causing further damage. However, the trampoline surface used for these exercises has to be more rigid. Usually, trampoline jumping is considered to be the best alternative for exercise for people who have coordination issues. Following a routine of structured exercises on trampolines is known to improve balance and coordination of individuals.

Other than jumping and bouncing, trampolines can actually be used for structured exercises as well. While they do involve jumping, they also allow you to exercise other body parts as well, creating an overall fitness regimen. Basic knee raises is one of the most popular structured exercise that is done on trampolines.

In Charlotte, Sky High Sports is the best place where you can look for some trampoline jumping and structures trampoline exercises, since the center offers both. This is an ideal way you can stay fit and healthy by doing regular exercises while having a completely fun time doing them. A few jumps on the trampoline and you can shed off all those extra pounds; doesn’t sound too bad, does it?!


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