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Posted by on Dec 31, 2014 in AIRobics Charlotte NC, Charlotte Events Calendar | 0 comments

How to turn exercise into a family fun activity.

Trying to get everyone in the family on the same page for fitness can be compared to trying to herd cats. Between schedules and preferences, finding a healthy activity that can help get the family on track with fitness can seem next to impossible. The biggest trick to having a successful family fitness plan is to find something that everyone can enjoy. Sky High Sports: The Trampoline Place Charlotte NC can be your solution. They offer a unique AIRobics class that makes use of their unique trampoline grid and aerobic exercises. They offer hour long sessions, twice a week, and the whole family can join in. The secret to any successful exercise is that it has to be fun. If you are bored or drag your feet at the thought of doing it, then you are more likely to cease all together. With the AIRobics classes you get an intense aerobic workout that will have your heart racing and your smiling muscles carrying on the workout.


More details about the AIRobics classes at Sky High Sports: The Trampoline Place Charlotte NC.


Classes are run two nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm, unless something interferes with the schedule. The cost of the classes are $7.50 per session or you can purchase 10 class passes for only $65.00. Passes cover individuals, but work out to be cheaper than just buying freestyle jump time. Jumpers for the AIRobics should be able to follow instruction and the youngest age allowed is 4 years old. For many families, the AIRobics classes work better with older children in groups, leaving the freestyle sessions for younger children families. No matter which way you take advantage of the trampolines, you can burn over 1,000 calories and hour by bouncing around and having fun.


Play time is fun time, and active fun time is healthy.


Outside of the workout classes, the freestyle jumping venue of Sky High Sports is a great way to get your whole family active and healthy. The exuberant joy of bounding through air and off the walls, quite literally, can make for a memorable experience. For many, it is one way to get out of the house regularly, have fun, and stay healthy all at the same time. Spending an hour a week being active can encourage even more activity at other times. The key is finding less than traditional workouts that involve engaging games and distractions. Things the whole family can do and enjoy can be pretty limited at times, which is why one of the most fun things to do in Charlotte NC, is also one of the best ways to get your whole family happy and healthy. Beyond the amazing trampoline grids, they also have an out of this world foam pit for diving, a laser maze, and rope course to keep the family entertained and moving. A minimal height requirement of only 48” means that older children, and kids at heart, are able to take advantage of the fun. The side activities are included in the price of jump time.

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