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Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Birthday Parties Charlotte NC, Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC | 0 comments

All About Jumping, and The Trampoline!

All About Jumping, and The Trampoline!

The trampoline is a favorite among children and adults equally. In addition to being fun, it is also a great exercise. At Sky High Sports, the entire play area consists of bouncy walls and floors. So, how the trampoline was made and who came up with the fabulous idea?

Early History

A basic concept of the modern day trampoline is quite old. Archeologists have found ancient drawings in Egypt, China and Persia reflecting the concept of the trampoline. Even the Inuit used the trampoline in a game where they tossed each other in the air. This trampoline was made of walrus skin and worked like the safety nets used by firemen to catch people. These concepts however are not true to the actual trampoline despite them reflecting the concept of bouncing on a stretched fabric.

The Modern Day Trampoline

The name trampoline was derived from the Spanish word ‘trampolin’, which means diving board. The idea of the trampoline as we know it was conceived by George Nissen. He was a gymnasts and a competitive diver. At the time, Nissen was a student at the University of Iowa. As a gymnast, he used to observe trapeze artists and how they would fall into a safety net which propelled them into the air. George recreated the same concept with a piece of canvas stretched out over an iron frame.

The experimental trampoline had an angle iron frame which was attached to the canvas with coil springs. The canvas was fitted with grommets, creating the first ever trampoline. The first trampoline was only used to train tumblers. However, it gained immense popularity and eventually the art of bouncing on a trampoline turned into a sport.

In 1942, George and an associate Larry Griswold formed a company for the mass production of trampolines. They named it Griswold-Nissen Trampoline & Tumbling Company.

The Birth of Trampolining

Trampolining is a sport in which acrobatics are performed by gymnasts by bouncing on a trampoline. The sport went national in 1948 in the USA and was also included in the Olympics in 2000.

The trampoline has come a long way from its first application as a training tool for tumblers. Almost every family owns a trampoline nowadays because it’s a fun filled exercise. Ready to jump for the sky? Visit Sky High ( and visit today!

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