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Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in Birthday Parties Charlotte NC | 0 comments

How Many Kids Should We Invite to a Sky High Birthday Party?


For those who don’t know, Sky High trampoline house is a place made for fun. Just about everything but the ceiling is covered by a trampoline making it the epitome of a bouncy house. The most active participants are obviously the children but you probably already knew that being that it’s somewhere overflowing with energy. This trampoline wonderland is inevitably a favorite destination for birthdays and celebrations. When it comes down to deciding how many people should come to one of these birthday parties, it might depend on a few things.


Thing 1: Ratio is Everything

If you’re making the invites for a birthday party and you notice that you have double the amount of kids that you do adults that may be an issue. If you haven’t noticed, kids can be a bit overwhelming so make sure that there’s enough adults to keep track of them all. Kids can get a little rowdy and out of control, especially when there’s cake involved. Remember to take that into consideration before telling parents that they don’t have to come. Now of course every child’s parent doesn’t have to be there but make sure that everyone can be accounted for. Careful not to bite off more than you can chew.


Thing 2: Consideration is Key

Also, try to be considerate of the fact that there are other people there who might not be a part of your birthday party celebration. If you have too many people in your party, you may hinder other people from enjoying their time. Everyone who attends events at these trampoline houses pays the same amount of money and after paying. Each customer deserves a chance to get his or her money’s worth. Don’t be the family that has a birthday party and causes problems for others. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like that, if it weren’t your kid’s birthday?


Thing 3: What are you Bringing to the Table?

When you have a birthday party at places like these, they usually charge a base rate for you to essentially do whatever you want within reason. But think about it, birthday parties usually consist of more than just the room where everyone sings happy birthday. There’s food, drinks, and things you may get for the adults to share. Make sure that you know who all is coming and how many are expected so that you know what you can offer.


Being sure to have a fair parent to child ratio, being considerate of the other customers at the trampoline house, and being careful enough to bring enough goods and treats for all your guests are things that you have to consider when planning birthday parties for kids. It may seem as easy as pie to plan a child’s birthday but there’s a lot that goes into it. At the end of the day, you’ll learn that your kid’s birthday experience is worth it all.

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