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Posted by on May 24, 2015 in AIRobics Charlotte NC, Birthday Parties Charlotte NC | 0 comments

The Benefits of Varying Your Exercise Type

If you are working out on a consistent basis, then you are probably bored with the work outs you are doing. Let’s face it, the same routine over and over again can be quite boring. It is important for you to spend some time varying your exercise routine to keep up with your routine. If you find that you are slipping back into old habits because you are becoming complacent, read the below reasons and benefits of changing your routine.

Prevent Injuries to Yourself

One of the problems with continuing on the same exercise routine is that you will find yourself becoming injured more frequently. As you continue to use the same muscle groups and ligaments day after day, they become worn down. You may suffer from a repetitive strain injury or another injury related to the consistent use of the same body part. By switching up your exercising routine, you diminish the chances of overusing your body and injuring it.

Lose Weight

It is not uncommon to run into a weight loss plateau when you are working out. To pass this hump and reach your goal, you must switch up what you are doing. If you find that you are constantly doing one exercise and then weight is just not falling off, do something different as the one exercise is not working anymore. It is quite common for an exercise to work at one point and stop working later on.

Meet New Friends

In addition to losing weight and preventing injury, you are able to meet new friends when you begin to explore new workouts and new areas of the gym. For instance, you can partake in a boxing class and meet others who enjoy the same type of exercises as you. You and your new friend will be able to work out together and challenge each other to push it farther.

No More Boredom

Repeating the same exercise routine over and over can lead to boredom with a capital “B”. To prevent this from happening, you need to switch up your routine. The more bored you become with the exercises you are doing, the less likely you are to work out on a regular basis.

You do not have to switch up your routine completely and this is one of the benefits of knowing what exercises to do. Instead of simply focusing on cardio every single day, focus on it three times per week and then focus on strength training the other three days of the week. The seventh day can be a day of rest or a fun day for you and allow you to choose any exercise you like.

When you begin working out or when you have been working out for a while, it is important to switch up your routine to keep from becoming bored and the exercises from being stale. The more variation you add to your routine, the happier you will be overall and the more you will accomplish.


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