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The Trampoline Place | Charlotte NC Sports for Kids

The Trampoline Place | Charlotte NC Sports for Kids

Trampoline games, jumps and bounces are fun and exciting for kids of all ages. If your child wants to have fun, bring them over to Sky High Sports in Charlotte NC. Here they can literally jump or bounce off the walls!

Just some of the fun games they can play here include:

Some of these games are:

  • Touch Ball: One game that is particularly enjoyed by boys is touch ball. This game, which can be played with any number of players (depending on the size of the trampoline) is one where several balls are placed on the trampoline and the players attempt to throw the balls at one another while dodging to avoid being hit at the same time. The person who is hit by a ball is out.
  • Memory Jump: In this trampoline jump, the first player has to get on the trampoline and do a simple jump. Next, the second player gets on and mimics the first player’s move and does a jump of their own. This continues until a player gets the jump sequence wrong and is declared out of the game.
  • Bounce the Buddha: An exciting game that is safe for a number of kids is the Bounce the Buddha. In this game, one person is chosen to be the Buddha and is seated in the middle of the trampoline. This person’s objective is to sit with their legs crossed and arms folded and try not to topple over while the others around them jump and bounce to try to get them to wobble. Another fun alternative to the Buddha is the cracked egg, which is where the person in the middle sits with their knees to their chest and arms wrapped around their knees.

Ready to Jump High? Bring your kids to Sky High — reserve jump time by clicking here.

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