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Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in Charlotte Events Calendar, Corporate Events Charlotte NC | 0 comments

Reach For the Sky: Corporate Events At Sky High

When it comes to scheduling corporate events, the same old, same old can get boring really quickly. There are only so many corporate family picnics and potluck dinners that you can expect your employees and their families to attend. If you are in charge of planning your next family corporate event, then you might want to check into holding it at the Sky High Sports Center. Read on below for some good reasons that you should schedule your next family corporate event at Skye High Sports: The Trampoline Place.

To Get Plenty of Exercise

Since Sky High is a trampoline center, you can be sure that you, your employees and their families will get plenty of exercise but still have a ton of fun at the same time. From the rope course to the laser tag room, there will be tons for everyone to do, no matter the age. Remember, however, that kids under three are not permitted except on certain days of the week.


At Sky High, they have given a whole new meaning to the game of dodgeball. You can call ahead and get a corporate team together, or simply hang out and let everyone play when and if they want. Dodgeball on a trampoline is a whole new experience, and you can be sure that your employees and their families will be hooked. Make sure that you call and make a reservation if you want to schedule a corporate event. Though reservations are not required, you want to make sure that you can get everyone in your company in the door and having fun.


If you are looking to give something back to your loyal employees, then you might want to set them up with an AIRrobics pass to have exercise and fun at the same time. Trampoline AIRrobics classes are a great way to ensure that your team at work stays in shape and their families as well, if you want to go that far. Either way make sure that you check it out during your corporate event at Sky High.

Ton of Events

When it comes to having your corporate event at Sky High, all you have to do is make the reservation and a team of professionals will handle the details for you. They even help out the day of the event to ensure that your team has the time of their lives and gets plenty of exercise as well. From the laser tag room to the rope course, you can be sure that if you schedule your corporate event at Sky High, you will not be sorry and will get your money’s worth as well.

Corporate events no longer have to be boring and stuffy. Book your next event at Sky High and see how well your employees perform at work the next week. Relaxation, fun, and exercise are said to be the keys to success, let Sky High provide that for your company today.

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