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Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Corporate Events Charlotte NC, Team Building Charlotte NC | 0 comments

Make team building fun and exciting for everyone. | Charlotte NC

For a lot of corporate professionals, the phrase “team building exercises” can conjure up the image of a really a nice trip or bring back one of their most annoying memories. Team building is one practice that has been shown to help strengthen working relationships and increase productivity among staff members significantly. The only problem with these exercises is that choosing the wrong setting or style can make it less effective or even detrimental. When trying to choose the right setting, one option that a lot of people might not consider is the trampoline place in Charlotte, NC. Sky High Sports is not just a place dedicated to having fun. It can serve as the base for gatherings of every nature, from kids birthdays to corporate team building adventures. Their facilities can accommodate groups as small as 25 people, all the way up to 200.

What sort of activities can you do that involve team building?

Aside from the typical catch and fall exercises, that get a lot more interesting on a trampoline, there are also things like dodge ball and basketball that are good for building teams. Friendly competitive actives that require people to work together to win is one of the basic concepts to building stronger working groups. The sense of fellowship and cooperation that begins in the game is taken back to the office and can be used as a continual point for working relationships to grow stronger. No matter how long the event, whether it is is just a two hour seminar followed by an hour of free time, or an all day series of discussions and games, Sky High Sports can help. Aside from making use of the trampoline courts, they also have other fun activities that can incorporate team building practices and further enhance the fun and value of learning how to work better as a team. Rope courses, laser mazes, sports simulators, a foam block pit and arcade games are also features that can be utilized in the facility at no extra charge.

Why would you host a team building event at the trampoline place in Charlotte, NC?

The fact of how much fun it would be for all those involved, and how that alone can enhance the benefits of team building, is just one reason. Another is the convenience and flexible pricing that using Sky High Sports as your business’s venue of choice can offer. The staff at Sky High Sports not only provides promotional material for the event, they are there to assist your crew on the day of the event to help ensure it goes off without problems. Enhanced benefits beyond typical team building, added assistance with conducting it, flexible pricing, and all around convenience are the basic reasons why you should consider them for your next corporate meeting. Most of all though, having a corporate meeting at the trampoline place, which is one of the most fun things to do in Charlotte, can make it the most positively memorable for your staff.




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