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Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC, Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC with Kids | 0 comments

All about the Trampoline Place in Charlotte NC

One of the most enjoyable activities for families is jumping on trampolines. Many families enjoy jumping and make frequent visits to bounce houses. Some people also have trampolines at home. Jumping is not only fun but it also provides the entire family the chance to get a good workout in. Overweight individuals can lose weight by jumping on the trampoline. If you want to take your trampoline jumping experience to the next level, you should visit the trampoline place in Charlotte NC. This place is called Sky High Sports and you will not find such a memorable trampoline experience anywhere else.

Separate Place for Children

One of the best aspects about Sky High Sports is that they have a separate place for small children. Adults can enjoy jumping on the trampolines in a different location. This makes it easy for children to be safe and adults to enjoy jumping properly. Otherwise the biggest concern for adults is to protect kids while they are jumping. The staff that takes care of children is well trained. They keep the kids engaged and ensure that they do not hurt themselves.

Safety Aspects

Sky High Sports pays a lot of attention to safety. The trampolines are extremely safe for kids and adults alike. Since there is a risk of falling off the trampoline, Sky High Sports added an innovative aspect to their facilities. The trampolines at Sky High Sports do not have an edge. Even the walls in the room are trampoline. Moreover, the gaps in the trampolines are covered in foam for enhanced safety. You can land on the foams while jumping and you won’t get hurt.

Trampoline Rooms

The trampoline rooms are equipped with a pit of foam cubes. If you wish, you can land on the cubes. Every aspect of the Sky High Sports trampoline is well thought of. You can even host parties and get-togethers here.

If you are looking for the perfect get-together spot for the entire family, then Sky High Sports is the place for you. Not only your children, but you will enjoy your heart out as well.

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