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Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC | 0 comments

Benefits of Visiting Sky High

During the school breaks and the summer, that your children can get involved in many activities. Some cost money while others are free. However, the memories that you and your children can make are priceless either way. You can choose the kinds of activities that you or your child want to experience but there is one type of amusement experience you may want to try sooner rather than later! Sky High is a trampoline park that offers an amazing indoor experience and fun for everyone. There are so many benefits to this park in the Charlotte area and here are just a few of those for you!

Accommodating for All Ages

It is understandable that each child and member of your family will have different ideas of fun and even needs. Sky High offers to accommodation and activities for children 8 and under; for the little ones that are often limited. Not only do they accommodate the children of all ages, but also for the adults that may be watching the children. There is a large seating area for parents to sit and be able to supervise the children. Parents can sit here and enjoy some food and some free Wi-Fi as well.

Variety of Activities

Though Sky High is a trampoline park, it offers more than just that for its customers. it also includes a high rope course and giant rope swing for those more adventurous visitors. If you want to try something a bit more competitive, there is also dodgeball games and slam-dunk basketball for the sports lovers. Also, do not forget to try the laser maze Sky High offers. Whether you want to jump or compete, there is something for everyone!

Great Specials and Discounts

Whenever you looking for something fun to do, it is never a bad idea to also look for some great special and discounts. Sky High offers you just that! College Students and military members can enjoy some great discount pricing. As well as for guests with special need and those children under 6 years old. Visit certain days of the week such as Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to take advantage some great savings on hours of fun and snacks for you and your family!

Party/Event Packages

Sky High offers you a perfect place to have your next party or event! Sky High is not only a great place to do so but it does what it can to make more fun and convenient for you. There are a variety of packages and prices that you can consider to meet the needs of your party. For one price, you can get two hours of fun, party host, food, drinks and plenty of room for those guests. Make sure to ask and look up the packages to find the best way to make the most of Sky High for your event!

Indoor parks like these are becoming more and more popular. You no longer have to suffer long hours in the heat or sunburns here and there. Not only is Sky High indoors but it is big enough to accommodate a variety of benefits for you and your family. It has activities for all ages and offers variety to do what your child would like. There are also some great discounts and daily/weekly specials that you all can take advantage of as well as party/event packages that may be useful for birthday parties or any other occasion you may need. Sky High was designed for everyone to have fun so visit today and get be on your way to a SKY HIGH fun experience!

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