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Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC | 0 comments

Should I Bring a Change of Clothes After Trampoline Jumping?

The obvious answer for this question is yes. A lot of people hesitate to bring an extra set of clothes for their kids to change into because they don’t want their kids to feel like they can get extra dirty but for the most part, it’s really beneficial to change if you guys plan on doing anything in the afterwards. Sky High is a trampoline house meant to allow kids to have fun through exercise. Having a great time is the goal but you don’t want others to have to smell how great your kids birthday party was if you know what I mean.


Reason 1: The Sweat is Real

If you haven’t noticed by now, kids sweat, a lot. They are pretty active little humans and love to stay on their feet. Depending on how long you kid is active and how long they plan to stay, I’d say better safe than sorry when it comes to bringing an extra change of clothes. Although it’s not life or death, it’s definitely a better option than being stuck with a sweaty kid while wearing clothes drenched in pizza and perspiration.


Reason 2: Plans for Later

Another thing that can determine whether or not you want to bring some extra clothes for your kid is influenced by your plans for the fay after your trip to Sky High. If the kids’ next stop is to your mother in laws house for supper, you’ll definitely regret not making them change. You’ll also probably regret hearing your mother in law complain about why they aren’t changed. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for the kids to sweat through their clothes during these events but when it does happen, be prepared.


Reason 3: How Old are they?

Age isn’t just a number when it comes to birthdays. If your child or the birthday kid is someone at a young age or in the elementary phase, you’ll know to at least bring a backup shirt in case of emergency. Now, on the other hand, if your kid is older, or approaching their teen years, they can probably figure things out for themselves. Most of the time, kids that age feel like they’re too mature to do silly things like jump on a trampoline. For the few who could careless, they’ll know their limits.


Remember there is no such a thing as being too prepared. I think worrying about bringing an extra set of clothes for your kids after the bouncy house can be considered being a little overly prepared. After all, it’s not a water park or anything like that. If your kid is old enough to make this decision for themselves, let them. If not, you know what to do.

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