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Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Corporate Events Charlotte NC, Dodgeball Charlotte NC, Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC | 0 comments

Should I Wear Moisture Wicking Clothing to Trampoline Jump?


When you head out to enjoy a day of fun and plan to be active, you want to make sure you are wearing the right clothes. Your clothes should be comfortable and fit right. This means no excessive fabric that can get in the way. When playing at Sky High, you can plan on jumping for hours. Any excessive fabric or baggy clothing will hinder you from jumping and doing other things. Before you head to Sky High, you want to make sure your attire is just right. Moisture wicking clothing is a great option if you plan on doing a lot of moving around. Just like athletes, you tend to perspire when moving a lot. Moisture wicking clothing can provide many benefits when at Sky High. Here are some of the benefits you will get by wearing this type of clothing.

Absorbs Moisture

It is not uncommon for some people to sweat more often than others. If you are one that sweats a lot, you need to wear clothes that will help absorb it instead of repel it. You don’t want to get everything around you sweaty. Moisture wicking clothing is made out of material that best absorbs the sweat. This means instead of walking around wearing wet clothing all day, you remain dry. The sweat doesn’t just disappear into thin air. You can remain dry all day by switching to this type of clothing before jumping on a trampoline for hours.

Keeps You Comfortable

Another great benefit of moisture wicking clothing is the ability to keep you comfortable even while sweating. Traditional clothing material can cause chaffing and a rash as the material rubs up against your skin. This can be very painful and uncomfortable as you try to trampoline jump. The last thing you want to do is sit on the sidelines while your friends are off having fun. When you wear the moisture wicking clothing, you don’t have to worry about this happening. It stays dry so there is no excessive rubbing. For a helpful hint, you can also apply baby powder to the area to help keep you dry in areas that you don’t have moisture wicking clothing on.


Thanks to modern technology, there are numerous moisture wicking clothing available in many stores. Cotton is one of the fabrics you want to stay away from when you are about to enjoy a day of jumping. This is because cotton will soak up the sweat and make you very uncomfortable. Most wicking clothing is made out of wool or other synthetic fibers. These items are considered breathable clothing because they allow your body to get air. You want to make sure they are fitted to your body and not overly baggy. You can find them in shirts, bottoms, and under garments so you stay dry no matter how much you sweat. You can even find moisture wicking socks and shoe liners to help keep your feet dry.



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