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Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in AIRobics Charlotte NC, Charlotte Events Calendar, Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC with Kids, fun workouts charlotte nc, Kids Events Charlotte NC | 0 comments

Strength Training and Exercise at Sky High Sports

Trampolines don’t just serve as a means of entertainment for your kids because they also have great exercise benefits as well. When jumps and bounces are practiced safely and securely on a trampoline, it can lead to more than one benefit for children as well as others.  If you don’t know about why trampoline exercise is good for your kids, read the following lines and find out why your kids should get on trampolines and jump their way to fitness. 

Trampolines Keep Kids Healthy and Fit 

Trampolines require a lot of energy, which means that your kids are burning all those excess calories that they put in while eating burgers and drinking shakes. These trampoline jumps also help them increase muscle strength and fitness and ensure that oxygen is pumped throughout their bodies in a more efficient manner.

Trampolines Boost Mental Health 

When your heart pumps clean oxygen to your brain, you feel more focused and alert. In addition, trampolines will also be mentally helpful because the activity will make your kids feel more confident, positive and happy. Also, as with other types of exercise, trampoline exercises releases Endorphins, which are natural chemicals for mood enhancement and are quite beneficial in overall productivity as well.

Trampolines Help in Getting Stronger Bones 

Another great benefit of trampolines is that it helps build the musculoskeletal system and improved bone mineral content. Because jumps require you to work against gravity, the strength of your bones prevent brittle bone disease or even osteoporosis over time.

Trampolines Assist in Co-ordination and Motor Skills 

Games such as dodge ball and others played on trampolines greatly help in improving children’s co-ordination and motor skills. Such balls games require them to concentrate on the object while they bounce, balance and maintain their bodies’ positions. Therefore, taking your kids to trampoline places may also improve their concentration and focus for school purposes.

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