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Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC with Kids | 0 comments

What Is The Price Of Good Family Quality Time In Charlotte, NC?

When everyone from elementary kids to adults seems to be walking around with their hands and faces glued to a tablet or phone, it can be hard to reclaim that magical thing called “family quality time.” The big question a lot of parents ask is how can they compete with the internet? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and online games can make it seem like an impossible task. It is not always possible to take the “if you can’t beat them, join them” option, especially when it comes to social media. For families in and near Charlotte, NC, there is one option to try that just might work. The trampoline place in Charlotte, NC, also known as Sky High is one destination that the entire family can have fun.

Comparatively: it costs less than going out to eat or a single night at the movies.

There are group and extended session discounts, with the basic at door starting at $10 an hour. For many families, an hour or two for the whole family together can be a great weekly, biweekly, or monthly activity that is budget friendly. Aside from being family friendly, Sky High is one of the most fun places to visit in Charlotte. For those that aren’t aware, the trampoline place is like a best kept secret for family fun. It also goes to prove you don’t have to have a fancy phone or tablet to have fun. If you have concerns about your kids being inactive, then it is also a great way to help encourage them to get moving. Access to all of the side activities are included with the admission price, which can make it an even better value, which means there is more to do than just jump. Sky High is open in the afternoon and evenings during the week, and on weekend hours that match most school schedules, so finding a time that works for everyone is easy. They also offer advance booking to help ensure you are able to get in when you want.

One of best activities at the trampoline place is their take on dodgeball.

Even the most resistant teenager can be coaxed into picking up a game in this unique take on a gym tradition. The friendly staff and atmosphere allow for kids of all ages to participate without the fear of being picked on or hazed. It is unfortunate that some kids forgo fun activities for fear of how people will perceive them. Another aspect that makes the trampoline place in Charlotte so great, it that the staff fully support a genuinely friendly atmosphere. If freestyle jumping and dodgeball aren’t enticing enough, your kids may enjoy jumping into the foam pits or taking a go on the obstacle course and rope maze. A bit of incentive for some can even be the awesome videos posted by previous visitors and the chance to make and have their own cool jump moves put online as well.

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