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Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in AIRobics Charlotte NC, Fun Things to Do in Charlotte NC, Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to Have Fun Doing Exercise With Your Kids on the Weekends

Toddlers and older kids spend a lot of time sitting in car seats and up under the TV playing video games. There is so much to do inside in today’s modern world, that sometimes it’s hard for parents to get their children outside to get the exercise that they so desperately need in today’s obese oriented world. The fact that over half of America’s children are considered obese today has many parents scared and looking for fun ways to exercise with their kids. Below you will find some fun ways to exercise with your kids on the weekends and get out of the house at the same time.

Create a Garden Together

Children are great at and love having fun in the dirt. If you create your garden together, you are much more likely to get them out to work in it with you. Let them choose their own things to plant, preferably healthy things, and then watch them get excited as they watch their gardens grow. Planting their own vegetables can actually make them more appetizing to kids and you will get plenty of exercise and sunshine together when you work out in the garden on a fine weekend morning.

Put them to Work in the Yard

Give the kids child sized rakes and let them gather up the yellow, gold, and red leaves of fall. Not only will you be teaching them responsibility, the act of jumping into the leaves when they are done will give them the exercise they need. Make sure that you join in, so you both get exercise and still have tons of fun.

Visit Sky High

One of the best ways that you can have fun with your little ones, and get their exercise in on the weekends, is by visiting Sky High. Whether you want to make use of the trampolines or play in the laser maze, you are sure to have the time of your life. Make sure to visit the centers sports simulator and rope course for exercise and fun all rolled up in one for the entire family. Not only is this the perfect place for kids over three years of age, it is also the perfect place for adults as well. Children under three are not admitted except on special days. You can even join the AIRobics class and have the time of your life. Your kids won’t even know that they are exercising, because they are having so much fun. You can do everything from dodgeball to birthday parties and jump in style at Sky High. This is the perfect way to be sure that you and your kids stay physically fit, and still have fun on the weekends. These are just a few of the things that you can do to stay fit and have fun as a family on the weekends. From jumping at Sky High to growing your very own garden, you can be sure that a good time will be had by all.

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