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Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to Safely Attend a Trampoline Party

Here’s a great tip for how to guarantee your safety at a trampoline party: don’t go. With all jokes aside, trampolining can be very dangerous when done with too many people around. Like all other things, there are a few important facts to keep in mind while heading down to Sky High to have some fun. Adhering and abiding by these tips could be the difference in a great or awful trampolining experience for not only you but also for the people around you who are jumping as well.


Tip 1: Beware of Your Surroundings

Trampolining is about balance. No, you don’t have to have incredible balance to participate but you should be able to balance jumping up and down and looking around you to make sure that other people are a safe enough distance away for you to do whatever kind of tricks or activities you have up your sleeve. Even if you aren’t doing tricks, you should still keep an eye out for people smaller than you should so that you won’t bounce too high and cause them to feel unsteady or put them in danger.


Tip 2: Consider the Age Range

Kids and adults alike are all people who are allowed to participate in trampolining at Sky High. Although there is an age limit for the kids, the ones who meet that age requirement still may be a little smaller than the majority of the people who are jumping around them. Looking out for them could be a safe move for the both of you considering the possibility for injury that could occur in places like these.


Tip 3: Know when to Chill

Safety at trampoline parks like Sky High isn’t all about being safe while jumping. Health is another important thing for participants. No matter the size or the age, everyone who decides to jump should know his or her limits. Giving yourself and your body time to relax and cool down after an intense jumping session allows you to safely enjoy the time that you are spending there. When you are careful of your safety, you are also being considerate of the people around you being that you may be in proximity of someone who could be affected by the way that you take care of yourself. An important thing to remember in places like these is that your health doesn’t only just affect you.


Each of these tips is something that could potentially help to save someone who may have overextended himself or herself while having a good time. In the end, you have to realize that yes, everyone makes mistakes, but when you can avoid those mistakes, you may be helping to keep one another safe.

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