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Posted by on Dec 24, 2014 in Birthday Parties Charlotte NC, Charlotte Events Calendar, Corporate Events Charlotte NC, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Why Sky High is a must visit destination in the Charlotte, NC area.

Anyone who was able to jump on a trampoline as a child may recall the wonderfully exciting sensation of sourcing up into the air. The springy surface of trampoline can provide hours of fun and healthy entertainment. Sky High Sports is at the top the list for fun things to do in Charlotte NC. It is a massive indoor trampoline complex that can offer an experience like no other.


What makes Sky High Sports so different and fun?


They host a family friendly atmosphere where you can bounce and have fun, surrounded by trampolines all around and a high ceiling up above. There is also a rope course, laser maze, and sports simulators among the other activities available to do there. Though the star attraction is the trampolines and their unique design. Unlike the ones you can bounce on at home, these are specially designed to limit the vertical height. The surrounding setup for the trampoline grids allow for amazing flips and acrobatic maneuvers. You can literally bounce off the walls and have a great time. These grids are also useful for some of the most interesting dodge ball action you will ever see.


Age limits and pricing for the trampoline place Charlotte NC.


Sky High Sports; the trampoline place is open seven days a week. During the week their hours are school friendly, being from 3pm to 9pm, with extended hours starting Friday with 3pm to 11pm and then full days on Saturday with 11am to 11pm and Sunday with 11am to 9pm. The best way to get the most fun is to reserve some jump time online, though walk ins are accepted it is first come first serve. Larger groups tend to get larger discounts per person, and the amount of time reserved can lower the price as well. The baseline pricing runs around $13 an hour for one person on the weekends and $10.50 or lower during the weekly hours. There are many occasions that arise where you can get even lower rates for jump time during the week and on special occasions. Jumpers have to be at least four years old, with the only exception on special days dedicated to toddlers who can stand. All jumpers have to sign a waiver before they can begin jumping, minors below the age of 18 have to be accompanied by a parent so that a legal guardian can sin their waiver.


Why the trampoline place is not just one of the most fun things to do in Charlotte NC, but also the healthiest.


Whether you are vising the area, just moved in, or are looking for something new to do, Sky High Sports is not just an amazingly fun and family friendly experience, it also extremely healthy. Jumping for an hour on a trampoline can help burn off up to 1,000 calories! Combine this with their twice a week aerobics class and you have one of the most amazing and fun workouts imaginable. The classes are only $7.50 a session or you can buy a 10 class pass for $65. The flexibility allows you to work out as often as you like.

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