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Posted by on Dec 10, 2014 in Charlotte Events Calendar, Corporate Events Charlotte NC, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Why team bonding is important to business and how Sky High Sports can help.

Studies over the years have shown that when you have a group of individuals working together, having strong bonds can help improve many facets of their work. From production, efficiency, and overall quality in performance, a team that has been able to bond can work together better. Traditional team building exercises and seminars can be a good place to start, although making use Sky High Sports: The Trampoline Place Charlotte NC can take the experience to the next level. Instead of some far away retreat, the offer a convenient location with a unique setting to introduce some real team bonding. Aside from building exercises that involve trust, exercises in having fun together through mutual activities and games can greatly enhance the effectiveness of team building.


What sort of activities are available at The Trampoline Place?


As the name implies there are trampolines, but these trampolines are not like anything you will elsewhere. The special design and setup allows for maximum bounciness without excessive height. The grid of bouncing surfaces is surrounded by an additional wall of trampolines that allow people to literally bounce of the walls. Along with the unlimited potential for free form bouncing, they host an unbelievably fun game of dodge ball on the grids. Aside from the trampolines, they also have side attractions that included with jump time. Coworkers can have fun bouncing, playing dodge ball, running a laser maze, navigating a rope course, or they can face off in the sports simulator. Sky High Sports can accommodate groups of up to 200 people with affordable rates that make it great for companies of all sizes.


The perks of using The Trampoline Place Charlotte NC for your next workshop:


Sky High Sports has a full staff of friendly individuals that are able to help you set and take care of clean up when you choose them as your next workshop venue. One of their premier services is hosting no hassle birthday parties, so they are well trained in managing the setup and clean up after events. Their flexible pricing and agreeable staff can help meet your company’s need and maximize the most your employee’s experience.


Getting employees that work in close quarters and all year round out of the office can help alleviate stress. Even when there is a general sense of team work, stress builds up. Projects that come due and unexpected demands take a toll on even the best trained professionals. Hosting team building events in a venue such as Sky High Sports allows for coworkers to bounce away the tension and rebuild any lost bonds through a shared experience. It is also a healthier alternative to just sitting in chairs all day and listening to a speaker. For smaller companies, the family friendly atmosphere also makes it a great venue choice to host employee and family gatherings. Many companies hold yearly events to help further the bonds between their employees. They allow everyone to gain a strengthened sense of community and loyalty, through mutual bonding over fun.

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